Thomas Hennet

Content Strategy, Prod. Supervisor

Since his childhood Thomas has been in love with the sea and its creatures. Including, maybe, the stinging jellyfish in the North Sea which seemed to go only after him. Over the years, though, he started noticing the massive and ever-growing increase of plastic debris in the water and on the shores. The addiction to the ocean kept growing but so did his awareness of the ever-increasing, worldwide plastic pollution. Thomas eventually realised that it would take no less than a massive change of our attitudetowards plastic products and that we would all need to take more responsibility for our future – starting with protecting that blue world from which we originate and which has made our planet a habitable place: the oceans.

Thomas grew up in Germany and the Netherlands and later studied History and Political Science in Freiburg, Germany and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before moving into the media business in the late 1980s. Since then, most of his professional life has beendedicated to the international development, co-production and acquisition of international factual content for television, during the past twelve years also including the international co-production of drama series and movies.