Malte Hildebrandt


Growing up in Hamburg, Malte Hildebrandt was his whole live higly connected to the sea. Beeing an excellent swimmer (with some titles in Hamburg & northern Germany youth competitions) he loves to sail and has a passion for scuba diving. There are many activities around the world, to clean-up beaches and oceans but that is surely not enough. There is a need to establish a platform to inform and to involve people “to do something against it”. Malte wants to help!

Since 2016 Malte (*1966) is a media consultant with a focus of German and international Broadcasters answering questions concerning brand management, digital marketing, program communication and sales marketing.
As CMO of the ProSiebenSat1 Media AG Malte was responsible for all B2b & B2C marketing activities. Before that he was MD Marketing for the SevenOne Media and founder & MD of the SevenOne AdFactory. Malte was holding various sales & Marketing management positions within the ProSiebenSat1 Group since 2004. Career Milestones: Founder & MD Sports Interactive UK LTD (SIAC), London, Executive Vice President Marketing & Corporate Management HSE24, München. “Der Hamburger Jung“ studied Business Management in Hamburg, München and in the USA.